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About CMS
Content Management System
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for your web-site
  • Web based - managed via standard web browsers
  • Template based through own template processor
  • Customizable look-and-feel using CSS
  • Easy localization to any language
  • Modular structure - new modules can be easily added at any time
  • Single user registration for all existing and future modules
  • Basic modules - Admin, Columns, Styles, Meta, Sections, Start Page
  • Add-in modules - News, Papers, Galleries, Forum, Banners, Users, Guestbook, Links, Contact, Files, Authors

Basic Functionality

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Value-added Functionality

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Functionality under development
These modules will be available in future versions of the product:

  • SEARCH module
  • SITE MAP module
  • FAQ module
  • VOTE module
  • CHAT module

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